2013 Recap

Last night Nate, little dude, and I rang in the new year by making (and eating) personal pizzas, playing board games, and finally, eating ice cream. Little dude made it until 9:15, and Nate and I fell asleep an hour later watching TV. Eight years ago this would not have been my ideal New Years Eve celebration. But I really can't think of a better way to ring in the new year. Typically I do my year end reflections on NYE, but my body decided it needed sleep more than reflection. So, this morning on my snowy trail run, I took time to mentally rehash 2013. Here's a quick recap of the major events:

  • I continued running and added five more half marathons to my list and a new PR. 
  • I left Gretna Public Schools with the intentions of not teaching again and then ended up taking a last minute job the day before school started at Burke. I was hesitant about taking the position, and I really wanted to stick to my guns and take a year off of the chaos, but I knew this job (and the insurance) would be better for our family's financial stability. While I still wish I didn't have papers to grade, parents to call, and long hours of planning, I am content with my decision to jump back in the teaching game. I appreciate the experience I am gaining by teaching in an urban setting; it lends new perspective to teaching. 
  • We sold our home in Ogallala and bought a new home in Omaha. It was a long road, but we finally found a home we both liked and were able to move in May. Our neighborhood is quiet, people on our street look out for one another, we have great neighbors, a park and pool at the end of our street, and are relatively close to school and other necessities. 
  • We became licensed foster parents in June and soon after added a vibrant, joyful, and intelligent four (now five) year old to our family. This has by far been the best part of our 2013. Little dude is an answer to our prayers. The transition has been no walk in the park, but when we reflect on how far he's come, we are simply astonished. We cannot wait to make it official when we can adopt him later this winter. 
  • We said goodbye to my Grandma Kush right before Christmas. This was a tough loss for the family, but we can rejoice knowing she was a believer and is now spending eternity with our Savior. 
God blessed us richly in 2013, and we're anxious to see what 2014 has in store. 

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