What we've been up to in photos

Nate turned 30 at the end of September, so I threw him a surprise birthday party for our friends and family to help him celebrate. Doesn't he look good in this photo?!

I've been exploring the city via running. I took this photo on one of my favorite runs...the city hired a graffiti artist to  jazz up some of the boring underpasses on a few of the trails here. 

Nate had his first concert at Burke a few weeks ago. He carried over his tradition from Ogallala of having the kids surround the audience and sing "The Lord Bless You and Keep You" as a closing song. The kids in the front wearing street clothes are some of Nate's former students...four girls from Ogallala who are now in college at Lincoln and one young man who Nate taught in Elm Creek now attends Grace University here in Omaha. It was so cool to see them singing with the Burke kids :) 

Nate has a show choir this year...he's about to get really busy with show choir performances and musical. 

This is from our date night last night at Crane Coffee

And we had a Market to Market team again

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