Quick update

It's been a long time since I've posted...I'm a bad blogger lately.

So, here are a few quick updates:
  • School is in full swing...I've learned all my kids' names now, and the essays are rolling in. This weekend I'll be neck-deep in grading Literacy Narratives and Honoring our Ancestors essays....I'm not sure how I feel about grading essays yet!
  • We're moving into an apartment this Friday! We have someone renting our home in Ogallala with the intent to buy. Our friends (the Yosts) have been so gracious to us, and have let us live in their house since June...I'm sure they're ready to have their home back. We are excited to get into our own space as well and we're hoping it will help us fall into a better routine.
  • I'm trying to maintain a running schedule despite my crazy work schedule...in the next few months I'll be running the Dirty Girl Mud Run in Lincoln and the Market to Market Relay that goes from Omaha to Lincoln. Though it's been tough to fit running into my day, I'm working hard to log miles because I feel like it's the only time I get to think...and I'm just addicted the feeling of tired legs.
  • We've found two churches that we both seem to like, so we're getting close to picking our church home. They are both small churches that seem to have a great community feel to them.
I am ready to settle into a routine that has some sense of predictability. Tonight I'm really homesick for Ogallala. I'm missing all of our great friends and our students. Moving has been a lot tougher on me than I thought it would be, but day by day it's getting easier, and Omaha is really starting to grow on me.

Sorry for the fragmented thoughts. I'm hoping to have a little more time to write something more substantial next week after we get moved and I get all those essays graded!

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