Marathon Training Update

 Yesterday ended badly. A conflict with a colleague tipped me over the edge and sent me into a fit of rage. I'm a hot-headed person in some situations (especially situations concerned with my job and doing what's best for kids), and yesterday it took a lot to calm me down. I spent much of last night dwelling on how angry I was. But my run this morning (18 miles= painful) gave me a fresh perspective on it all. And that's part of why I love running so much. I had nothing to do for 9 miles (until I met my running partner) but listen to music and think. Running and writing are probably the only two activities that bring me down to earth. This marathon business is time consuming and is the biggest physical challenge I've encountered, but I love the guaranteed "think time" that comes along with it. It's a great way to clear the mind and gain a sense of satisfaction. I'm afraid to think of how wound up I'd be without running!

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Kristin said...

Sorry you had a rough day yesterday and I yacked your ear off so you didn't get a chance to vent about it!
Just wait until 20 miles, you will have all sorts of thinking time :)